Overview of the hydromorphology of ebb-tidal deltas of the trilateral Wadden Sea
The report offers greater insight into the ebb tidal deltas of the trilateral Wadden Sea ecosystem.
Trilateral Wadden Sea Climate Change Adaptation Strategy Monitoring Report
In the report, Task Group Climate (TG-C) evaluated the trilateral climate change adaptation strategy.
Trends of Migratory and Wintering Waterbirds in the Wadden Sea 1987/1988 - 2013/2014
Wadden Sea Ecosystem No. 37. The Joint Monitoring of Migratory Birds (JMMB) Group presents 25- and 10-year trends on 34 migratory bird species up to 2013/2014. Trends of 10 sub-species are included in the progress report.
Breeding birds in trouble: A framework for an action plan in the Wadden Sea
This framework proposes several specific management measures to improve the breeding success of birds in the Wadden Sea.
Breeding success in the Wadden Sea 2009-2012. A review.
Wadden Sea Ecosystem No. 36. Results of the monitoring of breeding success in the Wadden Sea 2009-2012. The report is an important addition to the monitoring of numbers and distribution of breeding birds. The presented results allow detection of the causes for changes in numbers and can be more directly linked to management measures.
Waterbird and site monitoring along the Atlantic coast of Africa
Strategy on gathering monitoring data, data handling and assessment of environmental conditions and provision of a practical manual for coordinators and fieldworkers.
Integrated monitoring of coastal waterbird populations along the East Atlantic Flyway
Framework and programme outline for Wadden Sea and other populations
Status of coastal waterbird populations in the East Atlantic Flyway 2014
This report of the Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative (WSFI) gives an assessment of trends and waterbird population sizes based on the total winter count along the whole East Atlantic Flyway in 2014.
The Future of the Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative Part 2
Further prioritization of activities and identification of key players. This report proposes ten projects suitable for taking forward the objectives of WSFI.
Trends of Breeding Birds in the Wadden Sea 1991-2013
Wadden Sea Ecosystem No. 35. The progress report shows trends in the mean annual population size and trends in the Wadden Sea and the four regions Denmark, Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and the Netherlands. For the first time, trends in the numbers of breeding birds in seven regions of the Wadden Sea were also calculated.