Wadden Sea Quality Status Report – 2022 update in brief

The Wadden Sea Quality Status Report (QSR) is a conglomeration of thematic reports reflecting the continuous monitoring and evaluation of the ecological status of the Wadden Sea, including islands and offshore areas. In 2022, nine thematic reports received complete updates, displaying assessments on birds, marine mammals, alien species, and fish populations, as well as on subtidal habitats,´energy, and tourism. The reports analyse trends and the direction of change as well as long-term trends while considering the shifting environmental factors, pressures, and human activities. More than 80 scientists were involved in the creation of the 2022 updates and are part of a vital science and research community in the Wadden Sea. This brochure displays the major findings of the updated thematic reports.

This publication should be cited as: Common Wadden Sea Secretariat (2022) Wadden Sea Quality Status Report – 2022 update in brief. Common Wadden Sea Secretariat, Wilhelmshaven, Germany.

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